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    Sodium Hydrosulfite

    ITEM CAS NO. UN NO./H.S CODE PURITY Hazard Class Molecular Formula:   WEIGHT QUANTITY/20' FCL
     Sodium Hydrosulfite  7775-14-6 1384/28311010 85/88/90% 4.2 Na2S2O4 50KG Drum 21.6MT

    CAS No.: 7775-14-6

    Synonyms: Sodium dithionite; Dithionous acid, disodium saltMolecular formula: Na2S2O4

    Molecuar weight: 174.11

    Hazardous material composition:CAS No.
    Appearance: white or light yellow crystalline powder-like sand.
    Melting point (οC):> 300 (decomposition)
    Ignition temperature(οC): 250
    Solubility: not soluble in ethanol, soluble in sodium hydroxide solution. Strong reaction with water and burn.
    Main purpose: printing and dyeing industry, can be used as reducing agent for vat dyes, disperse dyes can be used for reduction cleaning (two-bath), reactive dyes can be used for stripping, wire, hair bleach, also used in medicine, mineral processing, sulfur the synthesis of urea and sulfur.
    INCOMPATIBILITY: Strong oxidizers, acids, flammable or combustibles.
    Conditions to avoid: thermal decomposition, in the air can be oxidized.

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