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    Modified Starch

    ITEM CAS NO. UN NO./H.S CODE PURITY Hazard Class Molecular Formula:   WEIGHT QUANTITY/20' FCL
    Modified Starch/ Corn Starch

     9063-38-1 /9005-25-8/79107

    350510 100% NO NO 25KG  Bag 16MT
    Other Names: Synthetic thickener
    Application: Textile Printing Thickener
    Textile Printing Thickener / Auxiliary
    Disperse dyes, direct printing on terylene,reactive dyes on cotton

    SyntheticTextile Printing Thickener

    Synthetic thickener is of high performance, applied to reactive pigment printing coating pigment printing. It can be mixed with different kinds of binder. It is acceptable in roller printing, flat screen printing or rotary screen printing. It endows printing fabrics with sharp definition and good color yield, which overpasses imported homogeneous products in coloration and brilliance. The color paste in white viscous liquid has good stability and performance without influence in screen printing. Owing to its less dosage, it largely reduces product cost and pollution, save energy and has good results in safe production.

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